7 Piece Cookware Set

7 Piece Cookware Set
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This is the MasterClad 7-Pc. set crafted from the very finest commercial grade American made materials.This is a multi-layered process featuring 5 layers in all! That's 5-Ply! Exteriors and interiors are 430 magnetic highly polished stainless steel. (Magnetic so it's approved for induction as well as any other type of stoves)This is actually double induction because the 430 Stainless steel is both inside and outside for better heat conductivity. The core is three layers 1050 A aluminum ,commercial grade 3004 aluminum, which comes all the up the side of every vessel, for perfect even heat distribution, From the very middle all the way up to the top of the lip! Then another layer of 1050 A aluminum. That's 5 ply
The same core is sandwiched with another layer of 430 stainless steel. Then each piece of MasterClad features the Pro Series Plus Ti-3 nonstick system.This is also made without the use of PFOA making it a more environmentally friendly green product . This revolutionary new 3-layer system is internally reinforced with ceramic and titanium. It is the most durable nonstick system available today. It is tougher than any other nonstick system period! Approved for use with metal utensils. Cooks without fats, oils, or grease. Burned on messes wipe clean with just a paper towel! Tri-riveted, cast stainless steel stay cool handles are completely ovenproof and dishwasher safe. You are not just getting stovetop cookware; it is all bake ware as well. Comes with a Lifetime warranty backed by a name you can trust Regal Ware World Wide Westbend Wi USA

The Seven Piece Set includes:

2 Qt Sauce Pan w/Cover for soups, sauces, gravies, etc.

3 Qt. Sauce Pan w/Cover for rice, steamed vegetables, hot cereals, etc.

8 Qt. Stock Pot w/Cover is great for chili, spaghetti, corn on the cob pasta, etc. Use it in the oven for pot roast and roast chicken (most sets come only with a 5 Qt. Dutch Oven - this is a giant 8 Qt. Stock Pot)!

10" chefs Fry Pan - all purpose fry pan, great for chicken, fish, casseroles, eggs/omelets and just about everything else. Remember it's completely safe to use in the oven for such items as pizza, cornbread, deep dish deserts, etc. The cover for the 8 Qt. Stock Pot also fits the 10" chefs Fry Pan.

only $1099.99